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Local Evening News

Local Evening News

Good ev’ning all

Thank you for tuning in

Here’s the local news

To end your week

To make you cry

To make you weep


In Breaking News

You heard it here!

Millions are dead

Billions in fear!


Later in a

Local snippet

A cat was eaten

By a whippet


But first right now

Don’t go away

The weather with

Our Cindy Day..


“Good ev’ning all

For us next week

It will be bad

It will be bleak


With snow and sleet

And freezing rain

Good chance of floods

And hurricane”


Thank you Cindy

Now moving on..

This, about Gnus

They are on strike

In German zoos


Our leader says

By next July

We’ll all be happy

And pigs will fly


Let’s go outside

Our reporter

Is standing there

In her new coat

And fresh glued hair


Yes thank you Steve

It’s getting dark

That’s all from me

Here in the park


Great work now back

More breaking noos

It’s back to work

For those Gnus


After the break

We’ll be right back

For an update

About the park


Later we’ll have

The man who’s role

Is filling in

A new pot hole


But first we must

Go back outside

For the latest

Word on the tide


Yes thank you Steve

It’s rising more

Now back to you

From by the shore


Over here Steve

It’s nearly dark

So back to you

From in the park


Great work you both

That’s very clear

Remember folks

You heard it here!





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