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Pro Gadaffi Demonstrations

We don’t seem to get good information in the news reports on the scale of the pro-Gadaffi demonstrations.  For what it’s worth, over the period 1974-1982, I occasionally witnessed the pro-Gadaffi demonstrations or anti- everybody else demonstrations that took place frequently in Green Square, Tripoli.   A few dozen men were crammed into a corner of the square in front of a camera.  Later that day you would see them on the TV looking as if there were hundreds of them.  A good sound recording of the current demos would be useful as that used to give away that there were not all that many people taking part. A really big crowd makes a sound that fewer people can not produce regardless of the sound volume. It was also noticeable that they were having to be herded and directed like film extras, and perhaps that is more what they were than committed supporters. The rumour was that they were herded there from a nearby factory.  Demonstrate or lose your job.





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