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The Martyr’s Lament

The Martyr's Lament

My last post about Bannockburn does not appear to have entertained one reader who left a comment.  I have also been advised by a close family member that the post indicated that I “have reached a new level of NUTS”.  Well you “aint seen nuthin’ yet” so watch out.  I have much NUTTIER pieces awaiting early release.

Meantime I will leave humour off the menu and serve this cheerful painting and a poem.  Have a nice day.


How long have I waited?

Must be years…

That cheering throng

Bore me on

And ran with tears of joy

Running my race

To this dark place

Wherein the door to Paradise

Why that rush?

The throng long gone

While yet I lie

Alone and wait.

How long?

How long?…


(P. Bogle/Feb 2011)


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The Errand

Boy by Joan Eardley (Glasgow)

The Errand

High red door, blue glass pane

Peeking in from the rain

Clanking bell, sawdust floor

Chilling smell, glimpse of gore

Glossy small tiles of Delft

Picture wall, marble shelf

Brasso’d scales slyly sway

Brazen lies told today

Bench scrubb’d raw, bloody axe

Red tooth saw, cuts and hacks

Creamy corpses, horror hooks

Grinning teeth, vacant looks

Fresh today, dire display

Finest arts, body parts

Hearts and kidneys, livers, lungs

Trotters, tails, tripes and tongues

Heads and hooves, horns and heels

Ears and cheeks, eyes and beaks…

Duck your head! Tuck in that thumb!

“A  p-pound of sausages please

for my Mum”

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Grannie’s Soup Recipe

Tattie Lasses

Grannie’s Soup

Furst the fundamentals

A sturdy stove for coal or gas

Or fire o’ peat or wid will pass

If weil kept clear o’ ash an’ dust

Electric only if ye must

If’ yer using wires and cable

Maist the time ye must be able

Tae haud the heat doon at a peep

For soup tae jist simmerin’ keep

As tae pot and lid selection

Muckle thick best steel or iron

Dinnae tak’ up the furst at hand

Nae muck frae China or Japan

Noo the ingredients

A guid bone or neck o’ mutton

No lang syne it’s lichts begrutten

Frae blackheid yowe, kilt tae order

On heath or moor near the border

Ingan’s frae an ingan Johnnie

Whae’s worked hard to get yer money

An’ pedalled mony miles frae France

To hear the pipes an’ jine the dance

Fresh new tatties lassies howkit

Trauchled hame in willie basket

Nane wi sproots or beardy places

All wi’ bonnie sonsie faces

Carrots that are no ower cruikit

Saft, runkled or ony shilpit

Nae green shooders tak tae hand

Seek them in East Lothian sand

Leek growd in a cley location

By pit bing or railway station

Clean it richt weel o’ coal and grit

O’ claggy glaur an’ whitret shit

A neep that’s louped up like a hare

An gi’en itsel’ intae yer care

It’s a’ the sweeter for its sin

When nipped by frost nere Halloween

Dried peas guid green no black or broon

Soaked in a bowl an’ steered aroun’

Tak ‘oot wee beastie bits that float

Ony wee stanes wid scrat yer throat

A handfu’ barlie born in Fife

Wi nae need for the howdie-wife

As bricht as ony pearls an’ listen

Rinse off stoor to mak’ it gliss’en

Add a’ wi water in yer pot

Saut an’ black pepper ne’er forgot

Enough saut tae hap half-a-croon

A puckle pepper corns crushed doon

When it’s through the bile an’ churnin’

Set the heat tae barely bubblin’

Put on the lid to keep oot stoors

Noo leave alane fir ‘oors an ‘oors

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Tattie’s WELCOME

WELCOME to my first blog

Just to get the hang of things here is my I Spy drawing.

So here are things to spy.

afro hair/flared jeans/ugly kid/singer/drain grating




castles/skiers/bridge/crane/two black swans/hamlet

dam/water reservoir/sailboats/two fishing/stag

coal bings/flying ducks/Icarus with wellies

aeroplane/black cats/pilot/chimney brush/wind

sock/golfers/sheep/shepherd/stone walls/sea knight/horse/train/Santa/carrots/crows/brolly/rabbit

soccer ball/pearl/crab/wormcast/corner flags

linesman/soccer players/white doves/dovecote

pink frilly knickers/pink bra/tights/black dogs

worm/spider/shop/ice cream/bench/footprints

treasure chest/minister/bicycle/fishing net/barrels

fish boxes/minicar/rats/fat man/sandcastles/pork pie

keys/octupus/rooster/letter box/elecricity pole

window box/human remains/ogler/sunburnt man

old man/stretched creepy crawlie/drain outfall

row boats/steps/handrails/cast iron posts/chain

ladders/roof repairman/chimney sweep/drunk man

beer bottle/skull & crossbones/ice cream cone

dog poop/horse poop/skipping girls/bagpiper

drummer/kilt/mussel/fat man with skinny wife

happy haggis/wasp worker/drainmen/chicken

Salvation Army band/smoked fish/sea mine

backpacker girl/strongman/reader/coalman

coal horse/Pope/fish/chips/peas/pea puke

skinny dippers/lobster/creepy crawlies/oyster

salt/pepper/HP sauce

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