Qadhafi’s Defectors

Recent headlines include:

Libya’s most senior diplomat in the United States, Ali Aujali, has criticised Colonel Gaddafi’s regime in a BBC interview

Libya’s envoy to the Arab League, Abdel Moneim al-Honi, announced he was “joining the revolution”.

Justice Minister Mustapha Abdul Jalil quit the government because of the “excessive use of violence”, the Quryna newspaper said.

from Guardian Newspaper 26 February 2011

“The encouragement of defections and the threat of punishment to come for those who use deadly force seem, as William Hague stresses the best instruments…”

Encouraging defections may be a reasonable tactic but the final end must justify the means. Encouragement should not include amnesties against future prosecution for crimes.  These defectors were appointed by Qadhafi and had no qualms about the plight of their own people for decades.  They defect only for their own interests and survival, not from morality or feelings for the Libyan people. They may hopefully receive fair payment for defection when handed over to a future regime. If the prospect of that happening terrifies them then, fair enough, they earned it.


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