When I grow up

(I’m nearly one)

I’ll play up there

Close to the sun


I’ll live above

The stoor and fluff

All this yicky

Sticky stuff


I’ll move away

From lost clothes pegs

Stripey carpets

Table legs


From forgotten crumbs

Dead flies and ants

Dad’s smelly shoes

My smelly pants


I’ll talk and walk

And run and swing

I’ll skip and hop

And dance and sing


I’ll climb on chairs

And open doors

Leap up and down

Above the floors


I’ll wear real knickers

‘Neath bonny dresses

I’ll grow my hair

In long silk tresses


I’ll eat my share

With knife and fork

Mince and tatties

Paprika, pork


But just for now

(and just for fun)

I like to bawl

And see them run



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