Tattie’s WELCOME

WELCOME to my first blog

Just to get the hang of things here is my I Spy drawing.

So here are things to spy.

afro hair/flared jeans/ugly kid/singer/drain grating




castles/skiers/bridge/crane/two black swans/hamlet

dam/water reservoir/sailboats/two fishing/stag

coal bings/flying ducks/Icarus with wellies

aeroplane/black cats/pilot/chimney brush/wind

sock/golfers/sheep/shepherd/stone walls/sea knight/horse/train/Santa/carrots/crows/brolly/rabbit

soccer ball/pearl/crab/wormcast/corner flags

linesman/soccer players/white doves/dovecote

pink frilly knickers/pink bra/tights/black dogs

worm/spider/shop/ice cream/bench/footprints

treasure chest/minister/bicycle/fishing net/barrels

fish boxes/minicar/rats/fat man/sandcastles/pork pie

keys/octupus/rooster/letter box/elecricity pole

window box/human remains/ogler/sunburnt man

old man/stretched creepy crawlie/drain outfall

row boats/steps/handrails/cast iron posts/chain

ladders/roof repairman/chimney sweep/drunk man

beer bottle/skull & crossbones/ice cream cone

dog poop/horse poop/skipping girls/bagpiper

drummer/kilt/mussel/fat man with skinny wife

happy haggis/wasp worker/drainmen/chicken

Salvation Army band/smoked fish/sea mine

backpacker girl/strongman/reader/coalman

coal horse/Pope/fish/chips/peas/pea puke

skinny dippers/lobster/creepy crawlies/oyster

salt/pepper/HP sauce


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